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Thank you for landing on my page.  My name is Alison.  
My work, and my passion, is to help solve people's pain problems.
If you're experiencing physical pain, emotional stress, or you just don't
feel right, I'll work with you to help you feel better.

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If you'd like to chat about what you need, do give me a call or send me a message on:

Your choice of treatments 

when you’re feeling

anxious, overwhelmed, empty, exhausted

and you want to feel

calm, nurtured, grounded and energised

when you’re feeling

tight, tense, blocked, agitated

and you want to feel

soothed, fluid, balanced, and connected

when you’re feeling

acute pain, chronic pain, discomfort, restriction

and you want to feel

relieved, released,

free from pain and empowered

when you're feeling

unbalanced, ungrounded, unsettled, unhappy

and you want to feel

relaxed, restored, realigned, rejuvenated

relaxing massage

deep tissue massage

clinical massage



Every treatment I give involves an energy exchange between you and I.  The information you tell me prior to your treatment is only part of the story.  The rest unfolds as I tune in and listen to what your body is communicating to my hands.  This conversation is just as important as the in-depth knowledge I call on from over 10 years of experience and expert education.  When you choose me to take care of you, I work from the heart, with the intention that you receive exactly what you need for healing to happen.  As the "facilitator", I will help you to connect to and release the issues in the tissues and bring you back into balance - your natural state of being.  


I believe that the more we become aware of our bodies and how we're feeling, the more we can facilitate our healing. Knowledge gives us the power to change, and we gain knowledge by tuning in and listening.  When we take the time to hear our inner guidance and let the energy inside guide us to where it needs help, that's when magic happens..... 

More than Massage ...


Alison brings a rare meditative presence into her body work...

...with only one Shiatsu session I slept solidly for the first time.

...I can't recommend her

highly enough. feels as though my whole system has been reconnected.

...her clients needs are at the centre of everything she does.

...a great Therapist for both body and soul."

...her ability to find and then dissipate areas of tension  

is incredible.

Alison is truly a gifted soul...

"Peace is our original state"

Lao Tzu

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