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Bowen Technique

I've always believed that our bodies are programmed to be healthy.  So how we treat them, what we choose to put in them, either helps or hinders.  Over the years I've learnt the need to become still enough to listen and be present enough to hear what my client's body is asking for.  I've never been a fan of painful massage or forceful cracking and clicking.  So when I found Bowen, which asks the Therapist to apply minimum effort, which embraces the  "less is more" attitude, that offers a respectful invitation for the body to heal whilst also giving space and time for that process to take place, well THAT made total sense to me.  That felt like the magic formula to unlock the Pandora's box of infinite potential.


Bowen Technique is a remedial system of bodywork where the Therapist applies gentle rolling techniques to various "stress-loading" points on the body and then leaves the room for a few minutes at a time in order to allow your system a chance to react and respond in the way it sees fit.  It's really unlike any other therapy I've come across!  It's so gentle but so profound and is suitable for anyone at any age - from babies to pensioners.  The best way to understand Bowen is to receive it.  Some clients feel a lot of sensations inside, others not so much.  But rest assured things are happening, and best of all they're happening because YOUR body wants them to.  




With Bowen we treat the person, not the condition. And as anyone can receive Bowen, it follows that every condition within the body is treated.  I cannot make claim but I can tell you that I've worked with clients who've been suffering from a pain condition for a long time and despite trying numerous approaches, nothing changed, until they had Bowen. I've seen some incredible, rapid results from head, neck, shoulder, jaw, hip, back and sciatic pain, as well as relief from stress, anxiety and IBS symptoms. Instant improvements in posture, better sleep, feelings of wellbeing, calmness, and of feeling balanced, energised and re-connected.  Of course results are never guaranteed and some bodies take a lot longer to heal.  Every person is unique and every healing process is unique.  But my promise is to help and support you however long your journey takes.


What is Bowen?

What can it help with?

A bit about me...

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The human body fascinates me.  The more I learn the more intrigued I become! I've studied numerous techniques over the years to help me understand what is happening beneath the tissues I touch and still so much remains a magical mystery!  At the start of every treatment I have an idea about what I want to do but still, every session is unfolds in a unique way.  The "qi" that flows in, around and through us, is everything; we are made of trillions of cells of vibrating energy.  I believe we are spiritual beings on a human path and these bodies we inhabit store every experience and emotion we encounter.  Our stories and our bodies are unique.  Over the years I've learnt to trust my intuition, follow what I feel and to do this I ensure I meditate every day.  The calmer I am, the more connected I am and the more receptive I become.  From this space I can be the vessel, the facilitator to the healing process that your body is asking for.  


"Alison is the most wonderfully instinctive Massage Therapist. Her healing hands have calmed me through times of great stress, energised me when I was low and taken me to places of intense bliss.  She is a wonderful Therapist and a beautiful person to get a treatment from.  I can't recommend her highly enough."

Hannah - Music Executive



"I have had many, many massages over the years but I can honestly say that Alison is hands-down the best.  You are left feeling energised yet calm, and her ability to find and then dissipate areas of tension is incredible." 

Sarah - Property Lawyer


"Alison has worked magic on my body.  I came to her complaining of aching shoulders, hips and knees, and low energy, and left with a wonderful sense of well being!  My shoulders have fallen back into a more natural and comfortable position and I can now turn my head without restriction. My lower body is happier to move and it feels as though my whole system has been reconnected.  I wouldn’t have believed one treatment could make such a difference and so look forward to the next one."

Sheila - Office Assistant


"Alison is truly a gifted soul - she has such a deep compassion for her clients and is so skilled in truly understanding their needs. I worked with Alison to complement traditional treatment of a mental health crisis - a very dark and difficult time in my life. My weekly sessions with Alison brought a deeply healing element to an otherwise chaotic time and her input was invaluable. Alison really focuses on working holistically with her clients and the Shiatsu therapy she offers compliments this perfectly. As someone new to Shiatsu, Alison made me feel completely at ease with the process and worked with me every week to tailor it to my specific situation. I would highly recommend Alison - she provides a safe and caring pair of hands to help heal body and mind and ensures that her clients needs are at the centre of everything she does."

Emily - Charity Worker


"Alison is an extremely professional, skilled and thoughtful therapist. I immediately felt at ease with her and my physical and mental health have benefited greatly as a result of the massage and Shiatsu treatments that I receive on a regular basis."

Nancy - Women’s Health Counsellor


"I've suffered from chronic insomnia for 15 years, the result of life trauma thus leading to anxiety. This resulted in sleepless nights as well as whole weeks. Having tried everything from CBT therapy, changes of diet, daily exercise and continually being otherwise very physically fit and healthy; I arrived to the welcoming arms of Alison as a distraught insomniac, a shell of my former self. I was at the end of the road. However, with only one session I slept solidly for the first time. She has changed my life. I feel less anxious and I now enjoy the process of falling asleep and staying there! I can't imagine my life now without the help of Alison's calming touch. I see her regularly and we're spreading the treatments now that sleep is finally here. I couldn't recommend her more for transforming my life. She has miracle hands and the kindest of hearts."  

Becca - Advertising Manager


“Facing the prospect of surgery for neck and shoulder injuries and suffering from constant pain and depression, I was looking for alternative solutions. I am so pleased to have found Alison and be introduced to Shiatsu and Yoga.  The result has been amazing.  Alison not only has a deep understanding and passion for her craft but is also a consummate professional.”

Mark - Retired Print Designer


"In addition to her thorough massage skills, Alison brings a rare meditative presence into her body work which makes her a great Therapist for both body and soul."

Cenneth - Entrepreneur


  • Bowen Technique Practitioner - College of Bowen Studies

  • Shiatsu Practitioner (3 year Diploma) - European Shiatsu School 

  • Advanced Clinical Massage for treating pain conditions - Jing Massage School

  • Advanced Musculoskeletal Anatomy Certificate

  • Qi-Release Massage Diploma - Alchemy of Touch

  • Deep Tissue Massage and Pregnancy Massage - Gateway

  • ITEC and BTEC professional massage Diplomas - Essentials for Health

  • 100 hour Anusara Immersion training with Bridget Woods Kramer 

  • Hatha Yoga Teacher Diploma - Yoga Vidya, Kerala, India

“You possess the ability to tap a bottomless well of physical and psychic energy.

With it, you can harness the magical power of the universe. Yet most of us unknowingly block the flow of this power, and live out our lives not reaching the potential that we could achieve if we only knew how.”

L.V. Carnie, Author of Chi Gung

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