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Private Yoga Class

Set aside some time today to just stop..... and breathe....

Stepping onto your mat, even for a few minutes a day gives you some precious time to just be You. Time to check in with yourself, ground and connect.  


I teach Hatha yoga influenced by Anusara, so you can expect a steady flow of creative sequences with focus on breath and alignment.  My aim  aim is that you leave feeling a new sense of freedom and calmness in body and mind.



Yoga Nidra 


If you’re in need of deep rest physically, mentally and emotionally, Yoga Nidra will take you on a journey inside yourself to attain that feeling of inner peace.  This ancient practice is a systematic guided meditation.  You will be lying or sitting completely still and simply following the my words.  We will bring awareness to each part of your physical body to fully relax it, bring awareness to your breath which will calm your mind and we will plant the seed of a Sankalpa, a resolution, into your subconscious in order to break free of a habit that doesn’t serve you.  This practice reduces anxiety, improves sleep and reconnects you to your core.


Buddha Statue


"Alison's classes have become a vital part of my week. She has taught me that I can find strength in myself both physically and mentally.  I use Alison's class to reset ready for the rest of the working week. Each lesson I come away feeling completely calm, relaxed and regenerated. Alison is extremely good at teaching, each week creating enjoyable and challenging classes for all skill levels. Her calm and open manner allows you to feel immediately comfortable and enjoy yourself from the first lesson."    




"Alison's style is very precise and focused, engaging physical activities with the mind. My personal outcome from her classes is a stronger body, a sharper mind which helps me with my job duties and an inner sense of peace and calm.  She is constantly making sure I'm making the most out of my practice, respecting my body or even pushing me for further developments.  I´ve had the chance to practice Yoga with a few teachers over a period of 1 year and Alison's classes are the ones I've chosen for my weekly practice as I believe they fulfil the criteria I expect from Yoga."

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